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Webshrinker is a SaaS (Software as a Service) provider. We offer APIs that can be used in a variety of programming languages and, in some cases, directly within HTML code. Currently we have two public facing APIs: Website Category Lookup API and Website Screenshot API.

Website Category API

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

    "data": [
            "categories": [
                    "confident": true,
                    "id": "IAB19",
                    "label": "Technology & Computing",
                    "parent": "IAB19",
                    "score": "0.855809166500086094"
                    "confident": true,
                    "id": "IAB19-18",
                    "label": "Internet Technology",
                    "parent": "IAB19",
                    "score": "0.824063117153139624"
            "url": ""

Webshrinker utilizes cloud computing and machine learning to classify websites into a set of categories. The resulting URL to category mappings are made available as an online API and also as a downloadable list so you can integrate and use it with other software and services.

Perhaps you’re building an Internet website filter and need to block certain categories such as adult and social networking sites. Maybe you are running a hosting company and want to enforce an Acceptable Use Policy to prevent customers from running a file sharing or classified ads network. These would be two possible examples of how the website category lookup API can be used.

The current API version is v3.

View the Category v3 API documentation

Website Screenshot API

The Webshrinker screenshot/thumbnail API gives you the ability to capture an image of what a particular website looks like in a browser window. You can then include these images in your own web pages or do some other processing on them in your preferred programming language. This technique has been used on many popular sites including the major search engines.

It is also possible to automatically pixelate screenshots for websites that are categorized as an “adult” site, reducing the chances that you would be displaying questionable content to your users.

An example of what a screenshot can look like can be seen next to this paragraph. The image being displayed is of the main Webshrinker web site generated by our servers using our own API.

The current API version is v2.

View the Screenshot v2 API documentation